Curriculum di Roula Zoubiane

Family name: ZOUBIANE
First name : Roula
Country of citizenship: Lebanese
Place & date of birth: Beirut, 04-02-1963
Marital Status: Single
Permanent address: Karakol Al-Druze, Jaza'er street, Sawaf-Beydun bldg., 4th fl., Beirut - Lebanon
Telephone No.: 00961-3-723852
Fax No.: 00961-1-641926
E-mail address:
Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: Lebanese University :
1- Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences;
2-Faculty of Pedagogy
1) Cornich Al-Mazra'a, Al-Mama street., Nizar Zein bldg., Beirut-Lebanon
2) Unesco District, Beirut - Lebanon
Telephone Nos.:
1) 00961-1-316120, 313109
2) 00961-1-785618, 785653

2.1. Educational Background
2.1.1. University

Name, Place & Country

Lebanese University, Faculty of Literature &
Human Sciences. Unesco district, Beirut, Lebanon

Years attended

1990 - 2000

1986 - 1990

1981 - 1985

Degrees obtained/dates

Doctorat d'Etat ès Lettres Françaises non-
Métropolitaines (Ph.D.,
obtained with honor in 2000)

Diplôme d'Etudes Supérieures Spécialisées ès Lettres Françaises (Five years post graduate diploma in an applied subject, obtained with distinction, in 1990).

Licence ès Lettres Françaises (Art Degree B.A., teaching diploma, obtained in 1985)

Discipline/Main field of study

African Studies and Comparative Sociology/ Interdisciplinary methodology.

French literature & non-
metropolitan literature

French Language and


2.1.2. Schools:
Name, Place & Country

Institut Sainte-Anne de Besançon. Starco Square, Beirut- Lebanon

Ecole Saint-Joseph de l'Apparition.
Beirut - Lebanon
Years attended


1967 - 1977
Certificates obtained


2.1.3. Continuing education or training experience within the last five years:
Advanced/vocational training courses

Traductologie à quatre voix (led by Mrs. M. Lederer, Mrs. G. Abu-Fadel, Mr. C. Balliu, Mr. J.-R. Ladmiral)

Méthodologie de la Recherche (led by Prof. Mathieu Guidère, Lyon University II - France)

Ateliers d'écriture (run by Mrs. Véronique Pettetin.)


St. Joseph University (Ecole des Traducteurs et d'Interprètes de Beyrouth - ETIB).

French Embassy (Bureau de Coopération Linguistique et Educative. CCF - Bierut).

French Embassy (CCF - Beirut).






3- Languages & Computer Skills:
3.1. Languages:
A) Mother Tongue: Arabic
B) Other languages:






3.2. Computer Programs: Word, Excel

4- Employment Record:
4.1. Academic Position

1. Faculty of Literature and
Human Sciences

2. Faculty of Pedagogy

3. Center of Languages and Translation

Islamic University of Lebanon. Institute of Languages and Translation

American University College of Science and Technology/ Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Position / Activity

Assistant Professor
Lecturing / Research( Essay's methodology/ French theater XVII-XIX centuries/Fine Arts/ Literary writing skills)

Lecturing (Modern Philosophies of Education/ Field and Desk Research - case study/Training on Teaching French)

Leading Vocational Training Courses (French proficiency for translators and writing skills)

(Legal, Media, Literary, General Translation/Writing Skills/ Grammar/Translation Studies for 5th year students/Supervision of Master's Thesis)

Instructor (French Rhetoric, Religions of the World).
Dates of Employment

2000 - 2007





4.2. Professional Position

- Al-Obëikan Publishers & Booksellers /
Ghainaa Publications / Ryad, Saudi Arabia
(P.O.Box 62807 Ryad 11595; Phone 00963 -
4160018, 4654424)

- Al Obëikan Publishers & Booksellers / Ryad,
Saudi Arabia.




Dates of Employment

2003 - 2004

2001 - 2002

4.3. Previous Positions:

Ecole Carmel Saint Joseph

Hariri Foundation (Année Préparatoire - Année Zéro)


High School Teacher (French & Lebanese Baccalaureates).

Instructor (French for non specialist Bachelors).

Dates of Employment

1990 - 2000

1985 - 1990

5 - Academic and applied research carried out in African Studies and written in French:

5.1. Books to be published in spring 2007
" Le Monde Africain. Une intelligibilité à restituer. Divided into five volumes, this 1900-page study includes drawings, maps, and illustrations in addition to a very large bibliography. It employs interdisciplinary methodology (as recommended by the Department of African Studies at Howard University in Washington D.C.) and offers specialized knowledge of the history, geography, anthropology, comparative sociology, oral and written literature, culture, and other aspects of life on the continent.

5.2 . Books in search of a publisher
Songes et mensonges sur la Race Noire. Dynamiques de Résistance et Désirs de Reconnaissance. In this book of about 750 pages, I have chosen to focus on racism as it was imposed on and lived by black-skinned people between 1900 and 2000 in South Africa and in the United States of America. There is a chapter entirely devoted to Jazz music in order to clarify the role of this art, along with other political, social and cultural means and ways of resistance and request for recognition, harmony, and balance, in the emancipation process of those who later became known as Afro-Americans.

" Le roman négro-africain et antillais entre 1919 et 1960.

" Le socialisme africain dans les romans du désenchantement entre 1960 et 1980.

" Le théâtre entre Aimé Césaire et Wole Soyinka

" Dictionnaire de l'intelligentsia noire

5.2. Participation in various colloquiums:
5.2.1.Title: Écriture et Culture.
Organizers: Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences (Lebanese University LU)
Lecture: La métaphore dans En attendant le vote des bêtes sauvages d'Ahmadou
Date & Place: April, 16, 17, 18, 2002, Beirut - Lebanon.

5.2.2. Title: Francophonie: Vecteur de dialogue interculturel Afrique Noire - Monde Arabe
Organizers: Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences (LU).
Lecture: L'identité du continent africain au carrefour de l'arabité, de l'humansime de
L'Islam et de l'universalité.
Date & Place: November 4, 5, 6, 2002, Tripoli - Lebanon

5.2.3. Titre: Voyage et Francophonie.
Organizers: Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences (LU)
Lecture: Le Voyage d'initiation dans le roman négro - africain
Date & Place: November 6, 7, 2001, Beirut - Lebanon

5.2.4. Title: Colloque International France, Afrique et Moyen Orient : Un Triangle pour la

Organizers: Association des Universitaires Libanais Diplômés des Universités
Françaises (AULUF).
Lecture: De l'alchimie poétique noire d'expression française et de son idéal de lutte et de
Date & Place: October, 3, 4, 5, 2001, Unesco Palace, Beirut - Lebanon

5.3. Translated books:
5.3.1. ELDEM (Edhem), GOFFMAN (Daniel) and MASTERS (Bruce),

The Ottoman City between East and West: Aleppo, Izmir, Istanbul (United Kingdom,
Press syndicate of the University of Cambridge, 1999),

5.3.2. .Translated into French: Lettre ouverte à l'Occident, Ryad, Ghainaa Publications, 2004.

6- Activities and Positions in local and international civil society:
6.1. Member since 1990 in the following non-governmental organizations:

6.1.1. On a national level, I have been working as a professional and a volunteer with the Village Welfare Society (VWS), an NGO founded by Ms Anissa Najjar, in 1953 with the goal of enacting positive change in rural areas. Under the guidance of Ms Najjar's philosophy Literacy of the Mind, which aims at the eradication of illiteracy and ignorance through enlightening the mind and making use of rural women's potential in order to avoid socio-economic crisis and prevent rural exodus to the cities, we initiated programs highlighting awareness of human rights in general and women's rights in particular. Along with other members, I have worked on the empowerment and the capacity building of rural women, aiming at the enhancement of sustainable development in agriculture, health and nutrition, household food security and income, conflict resolution and the promotion of the positive traditions and prominent women's history in the rural culture of Lebanon and the Middle East, which teach women to be ambitious and respect their abilities.
Current mailing address: AUB district, Hosroum Building, Beirut - Lebanon, Phone: 00961- 1- 786365.

6.1.2. On an international level, I have been in charge of the African Affairs commission in the Lebanese Committee for Peace and Freedom (LCPF), which was established by Ms. Najjar as the Lebanese section of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), with which I am very proud to have been associated as an International Executive Committee's member for two consecutive mandates of four years each (2001-2004 and 2004-2005). During the later, I am chairing the Global Justice Committee, which is a part of the Middle East Committee, and co-chairing the Constitution Committee, both in WILPF. This organization has involved generations of women in many countries around the world, has worked tirelessly for peace through two world wars and countless others and has sought a better life for generations to come.
Founded in 1915 by a unique group of intelligent and sensitive women who first came together in the Hague during a unique period of unprecedented violence in history (World War I), both from neutral countries and from countries whose men were slaughtering each other on the battlefield, the Women's International League For Peace And Freedom dared to envision a world free from the ultimate violence of war and oppression and to strive to bring about a world where permanent peace could be built only on the basis of equal rights, including equal rights between women and men, of justice within and between nations, of national independence and of freedom, for the surmounting of artificial barriers in the spirit of reconciliation is and will remain the most essential message and the most needed attribute for our times and those to come. Because they anticipated by sixty years the world community's recognition of the importance of women's work in achieving "equality, development and peace", theme of the International Women's Decade, 1975-86, they were the first - and remained the only for many years - international women's organization accredited as an NGO to the United Nations with peace as its top priority. WILPF has also a consultative status with ECOSOC, UNICEF, UNCTAD and UNESCO, has an International Office in Geneva and another one linked to the UN in New York and has established more than forty national sections in the five continents.

6.2. Leadership Experience:
6.2.1. WILPF International Program Consultant:
July 2002: I had the privilege of being nominated for a training period of two months, International Program Consultant of the Women' International League of Peace and Freedom (WILPF) in its Geneva office. This program, which was decided by the WILPF International Executive Committee meeting, held in Geneva in July-August 2001, comprises the following global shared priorities promoted by all the forty sections:

1- Peace and Culture of Peace
2- Disarmament of all weapons'
3- Economic and Social Justice and Democratization of Society
4- Sustainable environment and Human Security.
5- Racial Justice
6- Freedom and Human Right
7- Democratization of the United Nations

Even though their elements are interlinked, all seven priorities are seen as a whole from a woman's view, and with the perspective of gender, race, and class. My assignment was to work on highlighting the connections, and on networking the sections' activities that are in accordance with the seven WILPF program's chapters. (Recommendation letter from WILPF International President Professor Krishna Ahooja Patel).

6.2.2.: Project Manager:
1- Between 2002 - 2005, I have been in charge of the planning and the implementation of a four year development project designated in English as: Economic and Political Capacity Building and Empowerment for Women in Lebanon through institutional cooperation between WILPF Norway and WILPF Lebanon. The purposes of the project are:

A) Economic capacity building and empowerment, in collaboration with the members of VWS, WILPF and students from the Lebanese University - aimed at practical and material changes in the living conditions situation for rural women in selected villages.

B) Political capacity building and empowerment in collaboration with WILPF and other women, aimed at strategic changes in the position for women in Lebanese society in general, e.g. through increased political and civil society influence.

C) Increased competence and understanding in Norway of the situation of women in Arab and Muslim countries.

2- Between 2006 and 2009, I am in charge of the management and the implementation of a project financed by NORAD/FOKUS in Norway, and focused on Political capacity building for women for a Culture of Peace in Lebanon.

6.3. Participation in International Conferences and Training Seminars:

1- Name: International Executive Committee Meeting
Organizers: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Date & Place: September 6 - 13 2006, Greenwitch University - London
Presentation's Title: Total war on Lebanon

2- Name: World Peace Forum
Date & Place: June 23 - 28 2006, Vancouver - Canada
Presentations' Titles: - Women empowerment in the Arab World
- Water use and international conflict: the river Jordan case

3- Name: Femme Globale (organized by Henrich Boëll Foundation)
Date & Place: September 8 - 12 2005, Humbold University, Berlin - Germany
Presentation's Title: Women, Water and War in the Jordan River Bassin.

4- Name: Medio Oriente, Quale Futuro
Date & Place: November, 12, 2004, Lecce - Italy
Presentation's Title: Le Proche-Orient. Quels obstacles à la paix?

5- Name: La Nuova Triade Mediterranea (Acqua, Olio d'Olivia, Vino)
Date & Place: November 9 - 11, 2004, Universita' Di Lecce, Lecce - Italy.
Presentation's Title: Water's Diplomacy in Middle Eastern Countries.

6- Name: WILPF International Congress.
Date & Place: August 2-8, 2004, Kungälu, Gothenburg - Sweden.
Seminar's Subject: Water as a source of national and international conflicts
Presentation's Title: Water conflict in the Middle East. The Lebanese- Israeli Case.

7- Name: People's diplomacy, non-violence and global civil society after September 11
(International Course).
Date & Place: September 29 - October 20,2002. International University of People's
Institutions for Peace (IUPIP), Rovereto - Italy
Subject: This course offered a great opportunity to become familiar with new concepts and
ideas, to dialogue with peace and human rights activists from all the world such as Pat Patfoort, Annuradha Vittachi, Jan Oberg, Chaiwat-Satha-Anand, Susan George and Richard Falk, with 23 participants who are active in organizations of the civil society or social movements involved in human rights promotion, non-violent conflict transformation and peace education, and so in a warm and friendly atmosphere appropriate to the skills improvement, under the supervision of Professor Guiliano Pontara, IUPIP Scientific director, (Certificate and Recommendation letter).

8- Name: Congrès Mondial de la Paix et de la Solidarité.
Date & Place: July 2002, Algiers - Algeria
Presentation's Title: Les femmes militairement incorrectes de la Ligue Internationale des
Femmes pour la Paix et la Liberté.

9- Name: WILPF's International Seminar.
Date & Place: March 6-8, 2002, Palais des Nations, Geneva - Switzerland
Subject: Terrorism, the Global Order, Arms and missile Defense
Presentation's Title: The permanent conflict between Palestine and Israel and its effects on

10- Name: WILPF's International Executive Committee Meeting.
Date & Place: July 29 - august 3, 2001, Geneva - Switzerland
Presentation's title: Peace in the Middle East and Peace Education.

11- Name: WILPF's International Congress
Date & Place: 1995, Helsinki - Finland
Subject: Preparation for the Fourth World Conference of Women, Beijing, China (September
4-15, 1995).

In alphabetical order

Name: Professor Evelyne Accad
Position: Writer and Professor of French and Comparative Literature
University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign
Addresses: (1) 2090 Foreign Languages Building
707 South Mathews Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801 - USA
Tel: 217 333-4887 / 217 333-2020
(2) Lebanese American University - Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: 00961-1 786464
(3) Ain-Saadeh, Lebanon
Tel: 00961-4- 872020
Name: Professor Samira Aghassi
Position: Dean of Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Lebanese American University - LAU - Beirut,
Tel: 00961-1-742019 / 00961-3-228633

Name: Doctor Alexander Arguelles
Position: Associate Professor and Chairperson of: Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
and Department of Foreign Languages at the American University College of Science
and Technology (AUST)
Address: Alfred Naccash Avenue, P.O.Box: 16 - 6452 Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: 00961 - 1- 339102 - 339302 (Ext.310)
00961 - 3- 716613

Name: Professor Souad Chikhani
Position: Professor at Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences - Lebanese University
Chairperson of Department of French Language - Islamic University of Lebanon
Address: Verdun, Beirut-Lebanon
Tel : 00961-1-809032

Name: Mrs. Samira Khoury
Position: Professor at the American University of Beirut
International Vice-president of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Address: Hamra, Beirut - Lebanon
Tel: 00961-3-237507 / 00961-1-802193

Name: Professor Joseph Labaki
Position: Former Dean of Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences - Lebanese University
Address: Baabdat - Lebanon
Tel: 00961-3-746727 / 00961-4-820 682 - 977625

Name: Mrs. Anissa Rawda Najjar
Position: Founder and president of Village Welfare Society (VWS) and Lebanese Committee for Peace and Freedom (LCPF)
Address: Verdun, Verdun Tower, 10th Floor, Beirut - Lebanon
Tel: 00961-1-786365

Name: Professor Radwan Sayyed
Position: Professor emeritus at Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, Lebanese University
Address: Cornich Al-Mazra'a, Al-Mama Street, Beirut- Lebanon
Tel: 00961-3-202288