Summary n. 2
Nomadic displacementsNadia Gambilongo
Feminism and its differencesTeresa De Laurentis
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A politics of locationsAdrienne Rich
Messages from BeijingPaola Melchiori
Women in Albania: opportunities and obstaclesDiana Çiuli
Association of women in the Mediterranean RegionAda Donno
To live in AlgeriaAicha Bouabaci
To live in PalestinianMajd El-Amad
The healt system in CyprusMaroulla Vassiliou
A coniage to remind us of our originsCristina Casanova

Editor Nadia Gambilongo ~ Editorial staff in this number Majd El-Amad, Aicha Bouabaci, Cristina Casanova, Diana Ciuli, Teresa De Laurentis, Ada Donno, Paola Melchiori, Maraulla Vassiliou ~ Traslations by Marina Viscịla ~ Traslations by Catia Mele (Adrienne Rich and Teresa De Laurentis) ~ Design A. De Marco, F. Fucci
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